A New Edition of Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy Is Now Available

December 20, 2021

Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy (vol. 24, no. 3, 2021) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “On the Use of Evolutionary Mismatch Theories in Debating Human Prosociality” by Andrés Segovia-Cuéllar and Lorenzo Del Savio
  • “From Hostile Worlds to Multiple Spheres: Towards a Normative Pragmatics of Justice for the Googlization of Health” by Tamar Sharon
  • “Nudging to Donate Organs: Do what You Like or Like what We Do?” by Sergio Beraldo and Jurgis Karpus
  • “Aging and the Prudential Lifespan Account” by Monique Lanoix
  • “A Re-Evaluation of the Modern Psychiatric Hospital from the Standpoint of the Kyoto School’s Critique of Modernity” by Dennis Stromback
  • “Genomics Governance: Advancing Justice, Fairness and Equity through the Lens of the African Communitarian Ethic of Ubuntu” by Nchangwi Syntia Munung, Jantina Vries and Bridget Pratt
  • “On Recovery: Re-Directing the Concept by Differentiation of its Meanings” by Yael Friedman