Blake Lemoine Says Google’s LaMDA AI Faces ‘Bigotry’

June 21, 2022

(Wired) – Lemoine is a scientist: He holds undergraduate and master’s degrees in computer science from the University of Louisiana and says he left a doctoral program to take the Google job. But he is also a mystic Christian priest, and even though his interaction with LaMDA was part of his job, he says his conclusions come from his spiritual persona. For days, onlookers have raised questions around Lemonie’s gullibility, his sincerity, and even his sanity. Still on his honeymoon, Lemoine agreed to talk to me for a riveting hour-long conversation earlier this week. Emphatically sticking to his extraordinary claims, he seems to relish the opportunity to elaborate on his relationship with LaMDA, his struggles with his employer (he still hopes to keep his job), and the case for a digital system’s personhood. The interview has been edited for length and clarity. (Read More)