Her Mother’s Abortion Was Required Under China’s One-Child Policy. Her Own Would Be Illegal Under Tennessee’s Post-Roe Ban

September 29, 2022

(STAT News) – Her mom had gotten an abortion, back in China, when Jen was a kid. Jen had known about it since she was a teen. “If they’d had a second pregnancy and birth, under the one-child policy, both she and my dad would’ve lost their jobs,” she said. Plus, there would’ve been fines they knew they couldn’t afford. The choice wasn’t really theirs. Her mom bicycled to and from the hospital for the procedure on her own. In Tennessee, the logistics wouldn’t be so simple. Here, the state imposed other sorts of reproductive controls. Jen wished for some middle ground, a place that took what she was going through seriously, where the procedure was neither required nor restricted, where it was met with neither a shrug nor a risk of being shamed, where the decision was truly hers. (Read More)