‘What Price Was My Father’s Life Worth?’ Right-Wing Doctors Are Still Peddling Dubious COVID Drugs

May 19, 2023

(TIME) – The COVID-19 public-health emergency expired May 11. But as the U.S. officially closes the book on the pandemic, it remains awash in tragedies like these. Ravkoo, the online pharmacy that AFLD partnered with, sold $8.5 million worth of dubious treatments for COVID drugs in 2021 over the course of 10 months alone. Many families have remained silent about this aspect of their loved ones’ deaths. Some are embarrassed or reluctant to tarnish their relatives’ memories by speaking out about how they fell prey to conspiracies or paid for unproven COVID-19 treatments. (Moore asked TIME to withhold her father’s name.) 

Now these families are engaged in an uphill battle to hold AFLD and its partners accountable for what they say was a cynical, organized scheme in which doctors who swore an oath to do no harm raked in millions by peddling dubious treatments, often to the patients most vulnerable to the disease: the elderly, the isolated, those who distrusted the medical establishment or lacked easy access to health care. (Read More)