The Devices That Will Read Your Brain–and Enhance It

November 17, 2023

Translucent image of a brain

(Wall Street Journal) – But wearable brain-sensing devices—as opposed to implanted—could offer a broader swath of consumers cognitive feedback and other brain enhancements. That’s already happening in university and company labs. Several recent studies using simulators have shown that wearable BCIs can detect drowsiness and fatigue and give real-time, AI-powered feedback to drivers to help prevent crashes.  

This tech could bust out of the lab and begin going mainstream as soon as the next year. Among the initial goals: improving concentration and helping consumers boost productivity and reduce burnout by alerting users when their attention wanders. Boston-based neurotech startup Neurable expects to sell a pair of headphones with brain-activity monitors to track focus in early 2024. (Read More)