8th Annual Quandries in Health Care Conference

August 5, 2010

8TH Annual Quandaries in Health Care Conference
“A Need to Confess?: Writing About the Healthcare Experience
September 30 – October 2, 2010
The Given Institute of the University of Colorado
Aspen, Colorado

Quandaries in Health Care is an annual conference series in which keynote discussants, guest faculty and conference participants gather at the Given Institute in Aspen, Colorado, for two and one-half days of large and small group discussions revolving around a single theme.  This year’s theme explores the literary trend among healthcare professionals to publish narratives which reveal the pressures faced and felt by them, often by focusing upon breaches in expectations as well as the shame, guilt and anxiety that such breaches evoke.

The keynote discussants will examine the appropriateness and possible effects of such “confessional” writing, including the effects it may have on patients, the professions, and the connection between professionals and the communities they serve.

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