New Issue of New England Journal of Medicine is Now Available

August 6, 2010

NEJM (Volume 363, Number 3, July 15, 2010) is now available by subscription only.

Articles Include:

  • “Facing the Wild West of Health Care Reform – Donal Berwick, Pioneer” by J.K. Iglehart.
  • “Disclosing Industry Relationships – Toward an Improved Federal Research Policy” by E.G. Campbell and D.E. Zinner.
  • “The Renaissance in HIV Vaccine Development – Future Directions” by W.C. Koff and S.F. Berkley.
  • “The Havasupai Indian Tribe Case – Lessons for Research Involving Stored Biologic Samples” by M.M. Mello and L.E. Wolf, 204-207.
  • “Becoming a Physician: The Case for Primary Care – A Medical Student’s Perspective” by I. Ganguli, 207-209.
  • “Case 21-2010L A Request for Retrieval of Oocytes from a 36-Year-Old Woman with Anoxic Brain Injury” by D.M. Greer, A.K. Styer, T.L. Toth, C.P. Kindregan, and J.M. Romero, 27-283.
  • “Drug Management of Obesity – Efficacy versus Safety” by A. Astrup, 288-290.
  • “Trajectories of Disability in the Last Year of Life,” 294-295.
  • “Advance Directives and Surrogate Decision Making Before Death,” 295-296.