New Issue of Developing World Bioethics is Now Available

August 6, 2010

Developing World Bioethics (Volume 10, Issue 2, 2010) is now available by subscription only.

Articles Include:

  • “The Future of Bioethics” by Udo Schüklenk, ii-iii.
  • “Reproductive Tourism in Argentina: Clinic Accreditation and its Implications for Consumers, Health Professionals and Policy Makers” by Elsie Smith, Jason Behrmann, Carolina Martin, and Bryn Williams-Jones, 59-69.
  • “Curriculum Guide for Research Ethics Workshops for Countries in the Middle East” by Henry Silverman, Babiker Ahmed, Samar Ajeilet, Sumaia Al-Fadil, Suhail Al-Amad, Hadir El-Dessouky, Ibrahim El-Gendy, Mohamed El-Guindi, Mustafa El-Nimeiri, Rana Muzaffar, and Azza Saleh, 70-77.
  • “Access to Treatment in HIV Prevention Trials: Perspectives from a South African Community” by Nicola Barsdorf, Suzanne Maman, Nancy Kass, and Catherine Slack, 78-87.
  • “Training Needs Assessment in Research Ethics Evaluation Among Research Ethics Committee Members in Three African Countries: Cameroon, Mali, and Tanzania” by Jêrôme Ateudjieu, John Willians, Marie Hirtle, Cédric Baume, Joyce Ikingura, Alassane Niaré, and Dominique Sprumont, 88-98.
  • “From Medical Rationing to Rationalizing the Use of Human Resources for AIDS Care and Treatment in Africa: A Case for Task Shifting” by Jessica Price and Agnes Binagwaho, 99-103.
  • “You Can Use My Name; You Don’t Have to Steal My Story – A Critique of Anonymity in Indigenous Studies” by Anna-Lydia Svalastog and Stefan Eriksson, 104-110.

Book Reviews Include:

  • “Bioethics and Armed Conflict: Moral Dilemmas of Medicine and War – By Michael L. Gross” by Deanne-Peter Baker, 113.
  • “When Experiments Travel: Clinical Trials and the Global Search for Human Subjects – By Adriana Petryna” by Stuart Rennie, 114-115.