New Issue of New England Journal of Medicine is Now Available

August 12, 2010

NEJM (Volume 363, Number 2, July 8, 2010) is now available by subscription only.

Articles Include:

  • “The SGR for Physician Payment – An Indispensable Abomination” by H.J. Aaron.
  • “Implementing Health Care Reform – Why Medicare Matters” by R.A. Berenson, 101-103.
  • “The Independent Payment Advisory Board” by T.S. Jost, 103-105.
  • “Identifying and Eliminating the Roadblocks to Comparative-Effectiveness Research” by D.F. Martin, M.G. Maguire, and S.L. Fine, 105-107.
  • “Limbal Stem-Cell Therapy and Long-Term Corneal Regeneration” by P. Rama and Others, 147-155.
  • “Genomic Medicine: Genomewide Association Studies and Assessment of the Risk of Disease” by T.A. Manollo, 166-176.
  • “Toward More Uniform Conflict Disclosures – The Updated ICMJE Conflict of Interest Reporting Form” by J.M. Drazen and Others, 188-189.
  • “Individual Genomes on the Horizon” by D. Watkins and C. Gallant, 195-196.