A New Edition of Social Science & Medicine Is Now Available

February 24, 2017

Social Science & Medicine (vol. 175, 2017) is available online by subscription only.

Articles Include:

  • Equity in Healthcare Resource Allocation Decision Making: A Systematic Review” by Haylee Lane et al.
  • Effects of Donor Proliferation in Development Aid for Health on Health Program Performance: A Conceptual Framework” by Sarah Wood Pallas and Jennifer Prah Ruger
  • Monitoring Income-Related Health Differences Between Regions in Great Britain: A New Measure for Ordinal Health Data” by Paul Allanson
  • The Weight of Inequalities: Duration of Residence and Offspring’s Birthweight Among Migrant Mothers in Sweden” by Sol P. Ju├írez and Anders Hjern
  • Patient Agency and Contested Notions of Disability in Social Assistance Applications in South Africa” by Gabrielle Kelly