A New Edition of Nursing Ethics Is Now Available

July 11, 2018

Nursing Ethics (vol. 25, no. 3, 2018) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “Nurse Ethical Sensitivity: An Integrative Review” by Aimee Milliken
  • “Moral Distress of Nursing Undergraduates: Myth or Reality?” by Heloiza Maria Siqueira Rennó, Flávia Regina Souza Ramos, and Maria José Menezes Brito
  • “Distrust and Patients in Intercultural Healthcare: A Qualitative Interview Study” by Lise-Merete Alpers
  • “Nurses’ Narratives of Moral Identity: Making a Difference and Reciprocal Holding” by Elizabeth Peter, Anne Simmonds, and Joan Liaschenko
  • “Factors Influencing Emergency Nurses’ Ethical Problems During the Outbreak of MERS-CoV” by Jeong-Sil Choi and Ji-Soo Kim
  • “The Emotion: A Crucial Component in the Care of Critically Ill Patients” by Maria Sagrario Acebedo-Urdiales et al.
  • “Organisational and Individual Support for Nurses’ Ethical Competence: A Cross-Sectional Survey” by Tarja Poikkeus, Riitta Suhonen, Jouko Katajisto, and Helena Leino-Kilpi
  • “Ethical Issues of Prison Nursing: A Qualitative Study in Northern Italy” by Loredana Sasso et al.


Recommended Reading