New Articles from Digital Health Are Now Available

December 18, 2018

Digital Health has new articles  available online.

Articles include:

  • “Problematic Smartphone Use: Digital Approaches to an Emerging Public Health Problem” by Michelle H van Velthoven, John Powell, and Georgina Powell
  • “Effectiveness and Impact of Networked Communication Interventions in Young People with Mental Health Conditions: A Rapid Review” by Alice Verran et al.
  • “The Use of Social Media among Health Professionals to Facilitate Chronic Disease Self-Management with Their Patients: A Systematic Review” by Gino De Angelis et al.
  • “Digital Health Technologies to Support Access to Medicines and Pharmaceutical Services in the Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals” by Niranjan Konduri et al.
  • “Contradictions in Digital Health Engagement: An Activity Tracker’s Ambiguous Influence on Vulnerable Young Adults’ Engagement in Own Health” by Anne Marie Kanstrup, Pernille Bertelsen, and Martin B Jensen
  • “Mental Health Service Users’ and Professionals’ Relationship with Games and Gaming” by Hanna Hopia, Marko Siitonen, and Katja Raitio
  • “Online Activities among Elder Informal Caregivers: Results from a Cross-Sectional Study” by Dominique A Reinwand, Rik Crutzen, and Susanne Zank
  • “Telemedicine Pharmacy Services Implementation in Organ Transplantation at a Metropolitan Academic Medical Center” by Nicholas Jandovitz et al.
  • “Tracking Feels Oppressive and ‘Punishy’: Exploring the Costs and Benefits of Self-Monitoring for Health and Wellness” by Rita Orji et al.
  • “A Mixed Methods Exploratory Study of Women’s Relationships with and Uses of Fertility Tracking Apps” by Katie Gambier-Ross, David J McLernon, and Heather M Morgan


Recommended Reading