A New Edition of JAMA Is Now Available

March 25, 2019

JAMA (vol. 320, no. 19, 2018) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “Physical Activity Guidelines for Health and Prosperity in the United States” by Brett P. Giroir and Don Wright
  • “The New Age of Patient Autonomy: Implications for the Patient-Physician Relationship” by Madison K. Kilbride and Steven Joffe
  • “Health Apps and Health Policy: What Is Needed?” by David W. Bates, Adam Landman, and David M. Levine
  • “Alternative State-Level Financing for Hepatitis C Treatment—The “Netflix Model” by Mark R. Trusheim, William M. Cassidy, and Peter B. Bach
  • “Solving the Silence” by Olivia J. Killeen and Laura Bridges
  • “Reducing the Stress on Clinicians Working in the ICU” by Jennifer B. Seaman, Taya R. Cohen, and Douglas B. White
  • “Scientific Misconduct and Medical Journals” by Howard Bauchner et al.
  • “FDA Joins New Effort to Strengthen Medical Device Cybersecurity” by Rebecca Voelker

Recommended Reading