‘There’s No Back to Normal’: For People with Terminal Illnesses, Time Lost to Covid-19 Can’t Be Made Up

December 23, 2020

(STAT News) – It’s become standard for some to cast 2020 as a throw-away year, something the door should hit on its way out. Plans were disrupted, celebrations postponed, everything — dating, vacations, just a dinner out — hit by flying wrenches. Some things, of course, aren’t recoverable. But many people have embraced trudging through until they can pick up where life left off, when a semblance of their former normal is restored. But losing a year is not the same for everyone. For people with life-limiting illnesses, time is less of a nebulous concept than a pressing constraint; there are fewer chances for do-overs. When you’re told that you have a cap on your life, patients say, a switch flips that you need to make the most of the time you have left.