Predicting Death Could Change the Value of Life

December 28, 2021

(Wired) – Science fiction often tantalizes us with that possibility; movies like Minority Report, Thrill Seekers, and the Terminator franchise use advanced knowledge of the future to change the past, averting death and catastrophe (or not) before it happens. Indeed, when healthy and abled people think about predicting death, they tend to think of these sci-fi possibilities—futures where death and disease are eradicated before they can begin. But for disabled people like myself, the technology of death prediction serves as a reminder that we’re already often treated as better off dead. A science for predicting the length of life carries with it a judgement of its value: that more life equates to better or more worthwhile life. It’s hard not to see the juggernaut of a technocratic authority bearing down on the most vulnerable. (Read More)