If Roe Is Overturned, the Ripples Could Affect IVF and Genetic Testing of Embryos, Experts Warn

June 6, 2022

(STAT News) – At issue is how the roughly two dozen states that are expected to ban or severely limit abortion will define when life begins, and if under those state laws, even lab-made embryos would have legal protections before they’re transferred into wombs. If they do, conducting IVF could become much more complicated in those states, and there would be unresolved questions about the thousands of IVF embryos that are currently sitting in freezers there. The whole fertility field is watching, but there’s an extra layer of concern for people who combine IVF with PGT, which is used to help parents have children with the typical number of chromosomes or escape the genetic diseases that might have marked their families for generations. (Read More)