With Homicide the Leading Cause of Maternal Mortality, New Research Shows Link to Firearms and Intimate Partner Violence

September 9, 2022

(STAT News) – Now, in a study published Thursday, she and two colleagues have tried to address some of the gaps, looking at numbers from 2008 to 2019.  Even the most basic of numbers are troubling. Among female homicide victims whose pregnancy status was known, 20% died in the time leading up to or soon after giving birth, while among suicide victims, that figure was 9%. The research also showed a close link between two public health emergencies, with firearms used in 68% of homicides and 35% of suicides that took place around pregnancy. Another striking trend was that intimate partner violence was a factor not only in 71% of the homicides, but also in 45% of the suicides — figures that were lower in deaths not associated with pregnancy. (Read More)