After Ghoulish Allegations, a Brain-Preservation Company Seeks Redemption

January 30, 2019

(STAT News) – Reports that his 3-year-old startup, Nectome, aims to “preserve your brain to bring you back in the future” (according to the website of its venture capital funder) or to “back up your mind,” as per a now-disappeared tease on Nectome’s website? “What we’re focused on is preserving long-term memory,” insists McIntyre, 30, sitting at a conference table in Nectome’s new, two-room headquarters within shouting distance of San Francisco’s airport, “not reading or decoding it. The field of memory preservation doesn’t exist. We’re trying to create it.” It has not been an easy year for McIntyre or Nectome, but they’re determined to claw their way out of scientific purgatory.