A New Postpartum Depression Drug Could Lead to a Revolution in Treating Women’s Mental Health Issues

July 16, 2021

(TIME) – So far, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved only a single drug—brexanolone—specifically to treat postpartum depression. But since it was approved in 2019, it hasn’t been made widely available. Furthermore, brexanolone can only be administered in a limited number of healthcare facilities, and patients must sometimes travel to receive it. But on June 30, researchers published promising Phase 3 results from another postpartum depression medication currently in development called zuranolone, which promises to be easier to access than the existing drug. Moreover, the science underlying the two medications—both of which are developed by SAGE Therapeutics, a Cambridge, Mass.-based biotechnology firm—may yield promising new treatments for mental health issues related to the hormonal shifts that can occur over the course of a woman’s life. (Read Full Article)